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FICO World 2019

November 4-7, 2019

FICO World 2019

Better Decisions with AI

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Product Training March 24, 2020 - Cottons Lane , SE1 2QG, United Kingdom

FICO® Xpress Solutions - London, UK

This course familiarizes attendees with optimization models and techniques, and the terminology used to describe them. Participants gain an understanding of the Xpress suite, the Mosel modeling and programming language, and Xpress Workbench. Through a series of projects illustrating applications of the LP and MIP methods, students learn to implement optimization models using Xpress Optimization Suite.

This course introduces Xpress Insight, a web-based (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) platform that interfaces with Mosel models. Using the View Definition Language (VDL) to create custom views, Xpress Insight enables the end user to configure optimization projects to investigate, analyze, and compare different scenarios. Additional topics include advanced application development and visualizations techniques.

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FICO® Xpress Solutions - London, UK